Julian Assange

Julian Assange is a warrior. One of those warriors that are necessary to protect human kind from abuses of the powerful. He is being persecuted exactly for that reason. The power brokers of the world, the “imperium” – currently excersised mainly by the United States of America – cannot permit the existence of these modern day zealots that interfere in their intentions to exert control over societies, better described as “the masses”. We need more Assanges.

It is regretable that Assange is currently under house arrest. Thanks to the opportune assylum provided by President Correa of Ecuador at his Embassy in London he has evaded being captured by the United States. If they get their hands on him he will no doubt be executed. The empire cannot allow these alleged “criminals” to exist. They must set the example so that there are no more replicas of them.

He might be suffering from the síndrome of seclusion and loneliness. He needs to be active so that he doesn’t go nuts. He needs help from the hacker community (Annonymous and others) to continue with his quest. And most important of all, he needs to understand that he is doing this for the good of mankind and not to engrose his ego. The latter would be fatal as he can develope an obsession and fall into deppresion.

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